Beyonce Surprises Walmart Shoppers With Over $37K In Gift Cards

The Urban Daily


Beyonce decided to bring some holiday cheer to unsuspecting Walmart shoppers this past Friday in Tewksbury, Massachusetts.  The Daily News reports that the 32 year old songstress showed up around 7 p.m. with friends, and made her way through the store pushing a shopping cart.  She then gifted every customer present with a $50 gift card, which came to a total of $37,500 for 720 people.

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Earlier this week,  Target announced they would not carry Beyonce’s self-titled album, because of her decision to release it online first.  Erica Julkowski, a spokesperson for the retail giant explained: “At Target we focus on offering our guests a wide assortment of physical CDs, and when a new album is available digitally before it is available physically, it impacts demand and sales projections.”

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