PM BUZZ: North West Steals The Limelight; Target Turns Down ‘Beyonce’ & More…


Who could possibly be cuter than Beyonce in a mink and monokini? North West, that’s who! Kim Kardashian posted a photo of North on Instagram, showing off her chubby cheeks and adorable smile.

We’re swooning over NW!

UP NEXT: Andrea Kelly Broke?
Andrea Kelly Broke?

r. kelly Andrea

Earlier this week, Andrea Kelly claimed her ex-husband, R. Kelly owed her over $100,000 in back child support, but Kells’ lawyers swarmed in on the action and confirmed that his child support is paid in full.

Andrea, who allegedly enlisted the help of Project Child Support to assist with collecting $114K in back child support from R. Kelly, has also mysteriously retracted her statement against the Pied Piper of R&B.

However, Project Child Support isn’t taking too kindly to the bad rep that the Kellys are bringing them, so they have the proof that Andrea indeed hired them, despite her claiming otherwise.:

“My media firm…

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